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We have an excess of Canadian funds available and we are looking for as many borrowers as possible in every City and every Province.

We broker mortgages in every Canadian Province and every Canadian City

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Getting a BC mortgage loan for a purchase...

When you are buying a house, and getting ready to apply for a Canada mortgage, make sure to keep your debts low.  When the lenders look at your Canadian loan application, they are bound by a total debt servicing ratio (TDS) and sometimes a GDS (Gross debt servicing ratio).  Those ratios are determined by your gross income and your monthly expenses.  So it is a good policy not to purchase a car or furniture on credit just before apply.  Learn more about Community Lending Centre if you want to apply for a Canadian home loan. Wait until after you have been approved for your mortgage. Here is more information about a first time home buyer loan.

How much of a Canadian home loan do you qualify for...

When looking for an Alberta 2nd mortgage, how do you know how much of a mortgage you qualify for?  The formula is a combination of your income, your credit score and the amount of equity you have available in your property.  Other factors include rural vs city, condo vs single family residence, large city vs small town, etc.  Contact us to find out how large a Canada 2nd mortgage you qualify for.  Here is more information about an equity home loan.

Make sure you account for extra costs on a Kelowna debt consolidation loan...

When looking at how much you need to consolidate your debts with a British Columbia consolidation loan, remember that lawyer fees may run about $750, appraisal can be around $300 and there may be broker and lender fees.  Make sure to account for these extra costs so that you have enough to pay off your debts when the lawyer gives you the net proceeds from the loan...

Check your credit before applying for a BC mortgage

Don't be disappointed with low credit score from Equifax.  If you are looking for a Nanaimo mortgage or Kamloops home equity loan, make sure you check your credit report before applying.  You may find that you have entries on the report that are not accurate, or bills that you did not know about, and need a payment.  For more info on a British Columbia debt consolidation loan...

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